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AXIS Q1942-E Termal kamera Serisi
Ürün Kodu: Q19
Ürün Grubu: CCTV Sistemleri
Marka: Axis
Supports an extensive range of video analytics solutions
VGA 640x480 for long detection range and wide field of view
Superb image contrast and Electronic Image Stabilization
Axis’ Zipstream technology – saves bandwidth without sacrificing quality
Fast and easy verification in perimeter protection situations
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  • Video
  • AXIS Q1942-E lets you accurately detect, promptly verify, and then act upon events of all kinds in conditions ranging from pitch darkness to glaring sunlight. It is perfect for surveillance in critical circumstances.

    A video analytics powerhouse

    AXIS Q1942-E’s powerful processor lets you add the strength of the market’s widest selection of video analytics solutions to your surveillance solution. For example, video analytics applications from Axis and our partners support swift and appropriate response to detected events by analyzing them, automatically dismissing non-threatening ones and instantly notifying security staff of potentially critical situations. Your staff can then view sharp, detailed footage to determine the precise nature of the threat – and act accordingly.


    Far + wide + sharp = accurate

    AXIS Q1942-E features VGA 640x480 thermal resolution for wide-area coverage and a long range: in other words, a single camera captures events taking place in a large area and at great distance. In addition, thanks to a combination of dynamic histogram equalization, enhanced local contrast and dynamic sharpening, AXIS Q1942-E improves image contrast for sharp video with great detail in all conditions. And Electronic image stabilization keeps the picture smooth even when the camera is exposed to vibrations.  The result is outstanding detection capabilities and fast and easy visual verification of the nature of detected events. You can either dismiss them – or do something about them – so false alarms are kept to a minimum.

    Sharp images.

    Thermal cameras are a powerful tool in combination with video analytics to detect intruders or other unwanted behavior in the area of interest. In order to have a reliable and efficient surveillance system, the primary object needs to be visible. Sometimes it can be hard to filter it out if the background changes a lot, for example if large cold/hot objects are moving in the scene. Thanks to the enhanced automatic gain control in AXIS Q1942-E, the background is stable and remains almost intact, reducing the risk for false alarms. The effect of hot objects in the background is minimized, helping to improve detection. In addition, AXIS Q1942-E preserves more image details and compensates those areas that might be overexposed. Overall, the thermal camera offers better detection to achieve great performance of the video analytics.

    agc functionality

    AXIS Q1942-E Thermal Network Camera with enhanced Automatic Gain Control

    no agc functionality

    Thermal camera with Automatic Gain Control

    Low bandwidth and storage.

    Hand squeezing lemon

    AXIS Q1942-E is equipped with Axis’ Zipstream technology, which reduces storage and bandwidth requirements, while capturing important details in full image quality. It does this by compressing less significant areas more than areas of interest. In other words, areas devoid of people or movement are compressed more. This can be particularly relevant to applications where thermal cameras are likely to be used, since these are often applications in areas where access is highly restricted.

    Detection ranges

      Focal length Viewing angle Detection
      mm Horizontal Human:
    1.8 x 0.5 m
    4 x 1.5 m
      m yards m yards
    Detection (1.5 pixels on target) 10 63° 291 318 892 978
    19 32° 573 627 1757 1921
    35 17° 1079 1179 3307 3617
    60 10° 1833 2005 5623 6149
    Recognition (6 pixels on target) 10 63° 73 80 223 244
    19 32° 143 157 439 480
    35 17° 270 295 827 904
    60 10° 458 501 1406 1538
    Identification (12 pixels on target) 10 63° 36 40 112 122
    19 32° 72 78 220 241
    35 17° 135 147 413 452
    60 10° 229 251 703 769
    The detection ranges are calculated with Johnson’s criteria and vary in different weather conditions.

    Find nomographs for AXIS Q1942-E Thermal Network Camera (meters) (pdf) to determine the relation between the focal length of the lens, the number of pixels across the object, and the range.

    Thermal Network Camera

    Surveillance only in the dark, or even all-day-around?

    Find out why thermal cameras are reliable detection and recognition tools.

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